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  • Gliptone at the 26th Annual Adirondack Nationals Car Show

    Gliptone was at the 26th Annual Adirondack Nationals Car Show took place September 5 - 7, 2014 in the village of Lake George. The showcase of Hot Rods, Customs, Trucks, Classics, and Muscle Cars was truly a sight to behold! We are happy to announce last weekend’s Gliptone Gift Basket winners, Brian & Steve! Check out the pics from that awesome weekend. 1st Lake George Winner 20140907_095145_7   2nd lk George Winner 20140907_123932_1   view from back of booth 20140904_102236 20140907_111824 20140907_111817 20140907_095854 20140907_095836 20140907_095833 20140907_095802 20140907_095754  

  • Gliptone at Lead East Show

    Over the weekend Gliptone was at Lead East Show, the one of the largest vintage car shows on the east coast. We'd like to congratulate Nicholas & Bob on winning great giftbaskets stuffed with our amazing Gliptone products!   gliptone1 gliptone2

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  • 2014 Car Show Schedue


    Below is a list of our confirmed 2014 Car Show appearances. As our list grows we will be sure to keep you updated! We hope to see you!!

    • Atlantic City Classic Car Show in Atlantic City, NJ 2/28/13-3/2/14
    • ICA’s Car Wash Show in Chicago, IL 3/31/14-4/2/14
    • Syracuse Nationals in Syracuse, NY 7/18/14-7/20/14
    • Lead East in Parsippany, NJ 8/28/14-8/31/14
    • Northeast Regional Car Wash Convention in Atlantic City, NJ 9/15/14-9/17/14
    • SEMA in Las Vegas, NV 11/4/14-11/7/14
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    Happy New Year to all of our car lovers out there! As part of our celebration for 2014 we are offering 25% EVERYTHING in the online shop with NO MINIMUM. Enjoy! See you in 2014!


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  • Corvette named Automobile of the Year

    By Peter Valdes-Dapena  @peterdrives November 16, 2013: 4:32 PM ET

    NEW YORK (CNNMoney)

    Automobile Magazine on Saturday named the 2014 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray its "Automobile of the Year."

    The new Corvette has more power and better fuel economy than last year's model. It's powered by a 6.2-liter V8 engine that can put out as much as 460 horsepower but that can also get 29 miles per gallon in highway cruising.

    "The Corvette has long been a tremendous performance value wrapped in an all-American package," the magazine says in its review of the car. "Now, however, with new-found sophistication and user-friendliness, the [new Corvette] should melt the barriers that have kept away so many driving enthusiasts."

    Related Video: And the sexiest car of the year is... Automobile magazine editor-in-chief Jean Jennings lauded the Corvette's overall design, performance, quality and comfort. "The automobile of the year has to set a standard," she said. "It has to break a category in a way that really excites us," she said. Related: Maserati Ghibli: Easier-access Italian luxury The new Corvette should finally repair the image that Corvette has had for years as a car that only appealed to those seeking a flashy look, not real performance and sophistication. The new car's interior, in particular, is a break from Corvettes of the past, which, even when they offered serious performance, were disappointingly cheap, she said. In CNNMoney's own test drive of the new Corvette, we found it be a huge improvement over an already very credible sports car. The new interior has a much nicer design and higher quality than the outgoing model, while the car feels quicker, better balanced and more intuitive to drive. Prices for the base Stingray start at just under $52,000. Quiz: Which car is faster? To be eligible for the award, a car must be completely or substantially new for the new model year. This is the second major award for General Motors (GMFortune 500) in recent weeks. The Cadillac CTS was named Motor Trend's Car of the Year earlier this month. Motor Trend and Automobile Magazine are both owned by Source Interlink, but the two magazines operate independently. At the same time that it announced the award for the Corvette, Automobile announced that it was naming Tadge Juechter, lead engineer on the Corvette, as its Man of the Year. To top of page

  • Best of 2013 SEMA Show, Day Two: So Many Wide Bodies, a Special German, and an 85-Year-Old EV

    November 7, 2013 at 10:53 am by  | Photography by Michael Simari

    Best of 2013 SEMA Show, Day Two: So Many Wide Bodies, a Special German, and an 85-Year-Old EV [2013 SEMA Show]  The curtain has fallen on day two of the 2013 SEMA show, but we’re not just lazily lounging in our swanky Las Vegas hotel rooms or blowing our money at the craps table—we’ve gathered up the most SEMA-appropriate rides of the day to share. Like our first-day list, today’s collection aims to highlight the sheer breadth of motorized craziness that you can find at the show, from wide-bodied exotics to purposely decrepit hot rods and even an electrified old-school Buick. We’d include a section on the spicy collection of booth girls, but, as automotive enthusiasts, you guys wouldn’t be interested in that sort of stuff anyway. Liberty Walk Wide-Body Ferrari 458 If you’ve ever looked at a Ferrari and thought, “what might that look like with an additional foot or two of width?” Here’s your answer, brought to you by tuning outfit Liberty Walk. While you’d expect a tuned Ferrari to be the automotive equivalent to a backwards-facing baseball cap, Liberty Walk’s effort is simply spectacular. We dig the bolt-on fender flares, which add a technical and racy vibe, and the color scheme is appropriately sinister. And that front splitter? You could serve a feast on it; we’re re-thinking our Thanksgiving dinner plans already.  

    JC Autostyles Chrysler 300 Convertible  JC Autostyles Chrysler 300 Convertible We came across this most SEMA of custom vehicles at the Borghini wheels booth. (Yes, that’s the same spelling as “Lamborghini,” but minus the “Lam” part. Classy.) Although it was at some point a Chrysler 300, this show car has had more plastic surgery than most of the booth professionals nearby. For starters, it’s a two-door (operating in a suicide fashion), the roof is gone, there’s a Rolls-Royce Phantom–look front clip, and the entire interior has been gutted and replaced with what appear to be very uncomfortable hard plastic chairs. The whole thing is painted bright green, filled with speakers, and rides on huge rims. Of course, pure, classic SEMA.  

    RAUH-Welt Porsche 911  RAUH-Welt Porsche 911 Unlike the Ferrari, absolutely everyone can probably imagine a wide-body Porsche 911; the car’s hips just too easily lend themselves to creative extension. And no one builds a better wide-body 911 than Japanese tuner RAUH-Welt (RWB); just check out this awesome 911 Turbo it built for SEMA two years ago. Each car is customized to the specification of the customer, and they’re so cohesive-looking that they can almost fly under the radar. This bright purple example, a 1989 Porsche 930, was a bit easier to pick out from the crowd around the Toyo tire booth. It gets a BASF Glasurit Rubystone Red paint job, M&K exhaust, Recaro Pole Position seats with racing harnesses, KW coil-overs, and Work Meister M1 wheels that measure 18×10 inches in the front and an absurd 18×13 inches out back.  

    RRTP Customs Wide-Body Chevrolet Camaro  RRTP Customs Wide-Body Chevrolet Camaro In stock form, we find the Camaro feels much wider than the Ford Mustang, but we can’t even begin to imagine what it might be like to drive this wide-body example from RRTP customs. It appears to have started life as a 2014 Camaro—check out the late-model taillights and gunslit headlights—but has been so radically resized so as to make the elephantine Dodge Challenger feel compact. Just look at the depth of the rocker panel’s top surface, which gives away just how much width RRTP added. The super-deep-offset rims drive home the message, and the all-black paint scheme adds a dose of midnight-hour cool.  

    OKC Farmtruck  OKC Farmtruck If you’re wondering why a clapped-out 1970 Chevrolet Custom 10 pickup truck is sitting on one of our Best Of lists, look under the hood. Okay, so you can’t literally do that, but let us assure you it’s pretty insane. Dubbed the Farmtruck, this old Chevy sports a relatively new and juiced V-8 with a full complement of drag-racing gear and, of course, nitrous. (We found the heap in Nitrous Express’s booth, after all.) But the sleeper theme goes far beyond the crapified exterior; we absolutely fell in love with some of the beater touches, like a rag draped from the original fuel-filler door that practically invites bystanders to burn the truck out of its misery, and a real ticket for street racing (148 mph in a 35-mph zone) on the dashboard that is visible through the windshield.  

    1928 Buick EV  1928 Buick EV When we first walked past this old Buick sedan, we thought it was just another steampunk-themed rat rod with a macabre sense of humor. But those electric-chair front seats allude to this 1928 Buick’s not-so-dirty secret: it’s an EV. Built in just 20 days to showcase E-Stopp’s electronic parking brake retrofit, the Buick got a full electric powertrain from a donor show car, meaning it’s not exactly intended for road use. Still, because the motor backs up to the stock four-speed manual transmission, it can get the ancient sedan moving in a reasonable amount of time. It might accelerate okay, but E-Stopp’s folks told us the car’s top speed sits at a dismal 55 mph. Would you want to go any faster sitting in those death-trap seats, though?  

  • Best of 2013 SEMA Show, Day One: From Bugattis Real and Fake to a Bisimoto-Tuned Minivan

    November 6, 2013 at 11:27 am by  | Photography by Michael Simari and Alexander Stoklosa

    1939 Bugatti Type 7C  Viva Las Vegas! We’re back slumming it in the desert for the annual SEMA show, wearing out the soles of our shoes this week to bring you the coolest, craziest, and downright strangest automobilia we can find. During our first full day on the show floor, we stumbled across some pretty varied stuff, but variety is the spice of SEMA, so that’s why our first 2013 Best Of list includes everything from a golf cart to a Gene Simmons–fettled pickup truck. Because SEMA. Enjoy! 1939 Bugatti Type 57C Okay, so a Bugatti Type 57C might be the least SEMA-y car to ever have graced the Las Vegas Convention Center—save for a stock beige mid-1990s Toyota Camry, perhaps—but we don’t care. It’s a freakin’ 1939 Bugatti! The car-care specialists at Meguiar’s managed to wrangle this gorgeous art deco masterpiece from the Petersen museum in California for the show, and we swooned. (Meguiar’s is the official car-care products provider to the museum, which no doubt helped grease the wheels for this rare loan.) This car was originally gifted to the Prince of Persia by the French government, which commissioned its bodywork from French coachbuilder Vanvooren. It fell into disrepair and went into private hands in the 1950s, allegedly for just $250; several owners and a full restoration later, it sits in the Petersen collection and is valued between $15 and $20 million.  

    Delahaye USA Pacific  Delahaye USA Pacific This ’30s Bugatti Type 57 Atlantic look-alike is as unreal as that Type 57C convertible was real. It’s essentially a modern knock-off of the Atlantic coupe, an example of which recently brought an astounding $40 million at auction. (We dig the clever tongue-in-cheek opposite game the Pacific name plays with the actual Bugatti’s.) Offered by Delahaye USA, the Pacific is much more fleshed out than the average copycat car: It has a tubular steel chassis wrapped with retro-cool carbon fiber and composite bodywork, and the engine is a BMW V-12 mated to a four-speed BMW transmission. Old-school touches include skinny 3.5×19-inch wire wheels, solid front and rear axles suspended by leaf springs (the rear is a Ford nine-inch unit), and a big old steering wheel. Power windows, brakes, and steering, as well as air conditioning, are standard. And they should be, given the $250,000 asking price.  

    Ford Mustang 50th Anniversary Golf Cart  Ford Mustang 50th Anniversary Golf Cart Moving past art deco and into art Golf, we present Ford’s latest Mustang! At $18,795 before shipping, it’s the least expensive way into the last of the factory-fresh retro-look Mustangs before the sleeker2015 model debuts later this year. So what if it’s a golf cart? Replete with Shelby GT500 styling—er, sort of—and 50th Anniversary logos embroidered into its seats, this cart’s ready to show your buddies you’re still a Ford man even when you’re out on the links. Better still, it should be decently quick: We’re told it tops out at around 20 mph, thanks to a 48-volt DC drivetrain comprised of six eight-volt batteries. Based on a Club Car Precedent, the Mustang even boasts an aluminum frame and a limited-slip differential.  

    Bisimoto 2014 Honda Odyssey  Bisimoto 2014 Honda Odyssey The Bisimoto-tuned Honda Odyssey practically called out to us from across the convention center—it’s that cool. Poking through a hole where the grille used to be is a big, shiny clue as to the specialness that resides in this minivan’s engine bay: A twin-turbocharged V-6 engine making a silly 1029 horsepower. (The shiny bit actually is the van’s massive intercooler.) Better still, the stock Odyssey’s automatic transmission was chucked in favor of a six-speed manual borrowed from a 2008 Acura TL Type-S. Yup, a manual minivan with stupid amounts of horsepower. (No word on whether this Odyssey had the built-in vacuum cleaner, though.) Mix in the lowered suspension, rooftop cargo box, and sweet Fifteen52 wheels, you’ll need a hard pinch to your arm to ensure it’s not a dream before you start dreaming about how to build one for yourself.  

    La Bestioni 1914 LaFrance Fire Truck La Bestioni 1919 LaFrance Fire Truck  Sometimes, size really does matter. Just ask Gary Wales, who created this 20-foot-long fire truck roadster. Based on a 1919 LaFrance fire engine chassis, the “La Bestioni” carries a heavy Blastolene-like vibe, mixing hugeness with loudness and obsessive detailing. Wales took the original LaFrance truck and built his own body atop the gigantic chassis, keeping the original 14-liter six-cylinder engine. With tires that stand above hip height, an imposing snout, and a radical rocket-ship-esque rear-end treatment, La Bestioni packs a sizable visual wallop. Wales claims the big, yellow, chain-driven monster can hit 100 mph; output is around 120 horsepower, but “there’s a lot more torque.”  

    Ford Snakebit  Ford Snakebit Slick custom trucks are always fun—and hardly rare at a show like SEMA—but one that comes coupled with a good cause is even better. Enter this modified 1956 Ford F-100, which was whipped up under the direction of none other than Gene Simmons and his wife, Shannon Tweed, to raise money to build a children’s hospital in Tweed’s hometown. Mixing pickup cues with hints of Shelby Mustangs, the one-off truck is appropriately named “Snakebit.” The front end incorporates a Mustang-like grille and headlights, and even the wheels recall ’60s Shelby Mustang mags. A bit of modern Shelby Mustang lives under the F-100’s hood, too, with a 550-hp, supercharged 5.4-liter V-8 providing power to the rear wheels through a six-speed manual transmission. We dig the silver paint job, which carries a cool raw feel, and the staggered-size wheels (18-inch fronts, 20-inch rears). The truck will be auctioned off at an upcoming Barrett-Jackson event, with all the proceeds going toward the hospital construction in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada. Best of 2013 SEMA Show, Day 1

  • Corvette Stingray Headlines Toyo Tires' 2013 SEMA Lineup

    BY   10/30/2013

    Toyo Tires at SEMA 2013

    Not just any Corvette of course--that's not what SEMA is about. Designed by Michigan-based TZD, the P58 Concept Stingray on Toyo's stand has the look of a full-blown GT racing car, an aggressive aero kit and large rear spoiler adding to the Stingray's already-distinctive lines. It rides on a set of Vossen Monoblock wheels--a one-off design for the show, 20 inches in diameter up front and 21 inches at the rear. Unsurprisingly, given the Corvette's home for the show, these are wrapped in a set of Toyo Proxes T1R high-performance summer tires. With tuning from GM specialists Pfadt, the P58 designation implies a 580-horsepower take on the 'Vette's new 6.2-liter LT1 V-8. Joining the Corvette on Toyo's booth are a host of other top-class tuned cars. A RAUH-Welt-Begriff Porsche 930 owned by the company's founder, Akira Nakai, will also feature--sporting RWB's distinctive wide-arch body kit and a set of Work New Mesh rims with Toyo Proxes R888 tires. A 600+ horsepower Liberty Walk Nissan GT-R also rolls on R888s on Toyo's stand, while a Kontrabrands Lexus IS, '69 Ford Bronco and '69 Chevy Camaro will all vie for attention. Toyo's booth has long housed some seriously impressive vehicles. Last year, cars as diverse as a Liberty Walk Lamborghini Murcielago and a Wald Mercedes G-Wagen drew the crowds--so this year's lineup has some big shoes to fill.

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