SAP OFF 22 oz. Spray

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GT16222 Fast and effective Sap, Tar, and Bug Remover.


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GT16222 GLIPTONE's SAP OFF provides excellent and immediate results on fresh and dried-on sap, tar, and bug residue. Specifically formulated to quickly penetrate and dissolve tough tree sap and pine pitch without causing any damage to paint, glass, or plastic surface.


  1. Avoid use in extreme heat or direct sunlight.
  2. Shake Well
  3. Spray on surface to be cleaned and surface of clean SOFTOUCH® microfiber towel.
  4. Allow 30 seconds to dwell on surface.
  5. Using wet surface of the microfiber towel against the affected area, agitate with light pressure. For severe, dried on stains Spray directly on to the surface and gently scrub with boar's hair or horse hair brush.
  6. Wipe surface clean with clean SOFTOUCH Microfiber towel.

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