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Gliptone Professional Car Care 15 Piece Complete Ceramic Maintenance Kit - GT39965

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Kit Contains:

Ceramic Detail Spray - GT2416
Nano Ceramic Interior Detailer - GT2316
Ceramic Soap - GT3916
Nano Ceramic Wheel & Rim Detailer - GT3316
Nano Ceramic Textile Defender - GT4016

6 pc Softouch Drying Polishing & Buffing Towels - GT71616
3 pc Softouch® Dual Sided Drying & Polishing Towels - GT71825-12A
Purple Wash Pad - GT16900

Regular Kit Price: $142.48
Holiday Sale Price $121.10 + BONUS FREE Collectible Gliptone Limited Edition Gliptone Mug & Canvas Gliptone Tote Bag

Sale Ends December 20, 2023

  • Gliptone’s NANO CERAMIC TEXTILE DEFENDER is a high quality coating that provides maximum protection from UV damage, wear and spills for up to 12 months with 1 coat.
  • Gliptone WHEEL & RIM DETAILER utilizes a more advanced, high heat resistant polymer that deposits "nano sized" Si02 particles onto the substrate.
  • Gliptone’s CERAMIC DETAIL SPRAY is a professional grade, super-hydrophobic and durable SiO2 surface coating.
  • Gliptone’s CERAMIC INTERIOR DETAILER is a professional grade Si02 enhanced, non-greasy, ‘spray-n-wipe’ formula that provides light duty cleaning and conditioning to all automotive interior surfaces.
  • Gliptone’s CERAMIC SOAP is a highly concentrated SiO2 enhanced washing solution blended from gentle cleaning agents, water softeners and infused with a uniquely modified chemistry to leave residual SiO2 protection on the surface.
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