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GT Surface Clenz™

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GT19501 Prepares surface for ceramic coatings • Anti-static ensures dust free surface • Dissolves wax, silicone & road grime

GT19501 GLIPTONE’S GT SURFACE CLENZ® is a pH-Neutral, non-abrasive, deep cleansing solution that safely and effectively removes lingering, grime, wax and oil residue from paint, glass, metal, vinyl and plastic surfaces. The primary purpose for this product is to prepare the target surface for coating. GT SURFACE CLENZ® goes far beyond what degreasers, isopropyl alcohol and solvent solutions can provide. GT SURFACE CLENZ® provides a perfectly clean, smooth, streak and residue free surface. GT SURFACE CLENZ® also leaves the surface static free, giving you added piece of mind in your efforts to maintain a dust free surface just prior to coating application.

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